Sunday, April 11, 2010

day off, shopping and teddy grahams...

Things have been hectic lately. Stressful. Busy. The simple things like laundry and dishes seemed pratically impossible to tackle. So, I took this past Friday off. But instead of busy work, I took a Julie day. Spent the day with Mom and Auntie Barb. We went to lunch at Sasha's. It was delish. Patio seating, coffee, salads, crepes, laughs. We then went to the loop for shopping. What's a day with mom without shopping? Duh.

I needed it.

Then the evening came and Andres and our dear friend, Anna, kicked off their bi-monthly party. They titled it Fukd Fridays. Such potty mouths they have! The party is housed at the infamous Flamingo Bowl on Washington. It draws a really big crowd so it was perfect for them to kick things off.

I was anxious. We've been going out a lot lately but this night was a big deal to the Mr. So, I mapped out a lovely outfit. Based around my new headband...

I even matched my makeup to the headband.

So, what happened once we got to the bar? My headband ripped. Since I'm such a fashionista, I wasn't about to just not wear it. So, Lauren and I walked to the Schnucks and I bought a little sewing kit. I was hungry so while in line I grabbed the closest thing, a canister of Teddy Grahams. The honey ones. Yummmmy.

Then spawned the theme of the night. Sharing the teddy grahams with our friends with one exception. If you ate one, you had to let me photograph you with one on your tongue....

Doesn't it just make you want to go to the nearest supermarket and grab a box of Teddy Grahams? If my greedy friends hadn't eaten all of them I'd be munching on the leftovers right now!

Needless to say, we had a great time. Andres and Anna threw it down. The crowd was great. So many of our friends came out to support. It was great!

I love my husband. I am so proud of him.

Hope your eyes aren't sore from all the pictures!

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