Thursday, April 22, 2010

Da Da, Supermodels, Chloe Sevigny, and JFK

Lemon was asked to do the hair for the Da Da Ball again this year. Duh, of course we said yes! I did the makeup for the flyers and promo photos. Heather and Shelly did the hair.

For the actual event, we just focused on hair. And since I focus most of my event talent on makeup and not updo styles, I was a bit nervous. But it all worked out beautifully!

This model had dark hair. It was really hard to photograph the finished look where you can see all of it. But it turned out great.

Denny rocked some amazing updo's, like always.

The models looked beautiful. They were all so young. The youngest was 16!

The fashion show was amazing. I wanted every single one of the gowns. The theme for Da Da this year was Decades. They had gowns from all over the world, famous desingers, from many decades ago. This one was my favorite:

We enjoyed the show, had a few drinks, rubbed elbows with the rich and famous of St. Louis. Then I got a text from the hubby saying he was djing at the JFK from MSTRKFRT show. Just a bit of info on what is MSTRKRFT. They are a dj duo from Toronto. Formerly Death From Above 1979. Andres basically idolized them. So, we had to rush over to the show. But not before I bump into Chloe SEvigny. I turned to leave and ran right smack into her. Then Lauren and I followed her into the bathroom. She said something about the water from the sink. What did I say to her? "Yea, the water in St. Louis is really hot." Really? Who says that. I'm an idiot. Then we got a picture with the beauty.

We then headed over to the JFK show. Andres was killing it on the tables, as always! JFK was great. I had to leave early because I was having a hard time breathing. Stupid St. Louis and their allowance of smoking in bars. Also, witnessing a huge light fall on top of a girls head, kinda messed me up. I wanted to get out of there!

Andres had a good time. And I suppose that's all that matters.

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