Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Very Artistic, Entertaining and Well Photographed Baby Shower

Our close friends, Jamie and Christopher, threw us an amazing shower this past Sunday. It was complete with wonderful company, onesie decorating, delicious food, and special gifts. We are surrounded by really incredible people. It's very humbling.

After the party started to wind down, the guests who stuck around decorated onesies and we shared jokes, took pictures. One thing led to the next and the boys ended up in a war of Nerf guns. It was highly entertaining.

It was a wonderful time. We can't express how thankful we are for all the lovely people around us. So, until there's a better way to do so, just saying Thank You will have to do. So, Thank You to each and every one of the people in our lives for your support, and happiness for us. The Navarro's love each and every one of you!

Monday, March 21, 2011

An Afternoon with 3 of my favorite ladies

Since not spending 2 days a week with my lovely twin nieces, I tend to go through withdrawals. Can you blame me? Not only do I miss the little lovlies but I miss my brother and Vicki.

And as I've mentioned before, Vicki is a crafting genius. She offered to help out with making Buttercup's crib skirt. I went over there yesterday to hang out with her and the girls and we got to work.

Mama's little helper!

We were able to finish the skirt. I'll post pictures of it on the crib when the room is completely finished. I am so happy with it! Thank you Vicki (and Maggie) for your help!

A Special Surprise Shower

This past Saturday my co-workers threw me a surprise baby shower. They did a great job keeping it a secret. I had NO idea! They are all amazing people. I feel like I am part of a little family. A very creative, loving, and talented family.

They got me the Orla Kiely diaper bag I'd been eyeballin for awhile!
Buttercup sporting her first bow. First of many!
Thank you Lemon Spalon family. You all mean so much to the Navarro's!

Thursday, March 17, 2011


My dear friend, Marlon, introduced me to this band/song. I can't get enough of it. Today it is 79 degrees and sunny outside. My house is spotless. We (mom, Drace and I) spent the earlier part of the week tending to my nesting anxiety and tore the house apart in a cleansing frenzy. The closet in Buttercup's room is installed and looks AMAZING! And tomorrow her furniture will be delivered.
I will be doing a before and after post of the room once it is ALL done. I hate to spoil it with in between pictures now!

The anxiety has subsided. With the help of my ever so awesome mother, my house is almost completely baby ready. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah for my kick A@# Mom!!!!

I couldn't be happier. Now we wait. We have another baby shower next weekend. I'm working hard to get get as many of my clients in before I leave for maternity leave. Which has been really hard on my body.

So, I'm off to get a pedicure and head into work. Enjoy this lovely song. It will put you in a cheery mood.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Panic Mode

I'm beginning to realize that Buttercup could arrive any day. No, I am not full term yet, but you never know.

I am completely ready. My mind, body and spirit are ready to rock. I've been waiting to be a mother for quite some time now. But I just don't think my home is ready.

The "nesting phase" has set in.

Her crib and changing table still haven't arrived. When we ordered it in January and they told us the latest it would arrive was April 11, we thought, "ok, no biggie." Well, now that I am 33 weeks along, I'm beginning to think if we were even thinking clearly! But there's not a lot we can do about it. We have a bassinet for her in the meantime, if she arrives before the crib.

We are getting the closet in the nursery redone. St. Louis Closet Company is coming out and building us a custom designed closet. We're over joyed about it. But they won't be here until next Tuesday to do it.

We need to get the carpets cleaned. Just to do it. It hasn't been done in awhile and we know we won't have time to get it done once Buttercup arrives.

The entire house is just in chaos. It's completely unorganized. Due to the fact that we are low on space and have so much stuff. Prior to beginning the conversion from Studio to Nursery, there was massive amounts of our stuff in there (mostly his music equipment.) So, basically all of that stuff is scattered throughout the house, wherever we can find room.

Drace is out of town this week. I need him to move furniture, help take some of this stuff to Moms, take out the trash. I NEED MY MAN!

So, all this panicking prompted a phone-call to Mom. She calmed me down and said I was going through my "nesting phase" and assured me that I have plenty of time (even though I really don't.) She said she's coming over tomorrow and we are going to map out a plan. She's been by my side every step of the way with my pregnancy. (Minus that weekend when the Morning sickness showed up, she was out of town. But she didn't know I was pregnant yet.) She's been my saving grace so it's no surprise that she offered to come over and help me with a plan.

I just want Buttercup to come home to a peaceful place. A comfortable environment. A clean environment. Since our lives have been in transition the past 8 months, I just don't feel like the house is any of those things. But I am confident that it will be.... before she arrives.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Practically Perfect in Every Way Baby Shower

My ever so amazing sisters threw me my first Baby Shower yesterday. It was absolutely amazing. Complete with family, Mary Poppins trivia, laughs, yummy food, beautiful gifts... It was a jolly holiday! I am truly blessed with wonderful people around me. I simply cannot wait for Buttercup to arrive and feel all the love around her. Thank you (times a zillion) to everyone that took part in the festivities. It was truly humbling. I love allll of you!


The amazing cake that matched the invitation PERFECTLY!

Vicki did all the decorations by hand. Look out for her. She's going to take Martha Stewart by storm.

The Puj Tub!

My mom went above and beyond with this one! She had a basket FULL of giraffe goodies. Then she came out with this. I just love it! And does Mom look little in this picture or what?

Christine found this vintage gem. It's almost identical to one that my Mother made when she had her first child. When I opened it, it began a funny dispute of Christine getting upset with Mom for throwing it out long ago!
Sidenote: Christine also wrote a beautiful poem for Buttercup. I read it aloud and it choked up a bit. But reading it again today, in Buttercups room, surrounded by bags upon bags of her goodies, I bawled my eyes out.

My Aunt Sue re-gifted this amazing vintage Mary Poppins doll. Grandma gave it to her around the time the movie came out. I about died when I opened the box! I just adore it!

Vicki had this onesie custom-made. "My daddy is a dj What does your daddy do?" Perfection!

We were so excited about the cake, we went picture happy with it. Christine's close friend, Nancy, made and decorated it. She did the decorations all free-hand!

Christine, Leta and I all wore Toms... not planned!

My brother in law drew this adorable drawing for Baby Buttercup!

The answer sheets for Mary Poppins Trivia. My sister in law, Joy won with 8 answers correct. It was so much fun to hear people's answers.

It was a spectacular day. Now, I must go find room for all the lovely goodies for Buttercup.

THANK YOU EVERYONE! Mommy and Daddy Navarro and Baby Buttercup love you with all our hearts!