Friday, August 13, 2010

My husband, the cutest

I just adore him to pieces.
That's one of my favorite pictures of him.

I love him!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Lab

So, Andres has the spare bedroom. He calls it his "Beat Lab." It's where he keeps all his music/dj equipment. Half of it I can barely pronounce what it is. And it's all very heavy. It needs some serious organization. I'll leave it up to him. I hardly every go in that room. Unless, of course, he his dj'ing. Then I dance. See...

This is a reallllly old picture. And will most likely come down once Andres sees it. He doesn't like this picture, seeing as how he is in his undies. I will post a new pic of me dancing to his beats. With his Lab all organized and pretty!

I digress... With his equipment taking up all the room in the spare room, it leaves me with not a whole lot of options on where to put all my "laboratory items.". Our living room and dining room are all connected. So, we split them up by putting my own "Lab" in between.

I'm pretty darn excited about it. Now, I can focus on doing my crafty things and not have to dig crap out of Rubbermaid containers. Handmade gifts for everyone.... here we go!!!!

My Friend's Having a Baby

And I got crafty!

I made 2 burp cloths. I got this adorable fabric that says "That's how I roll." So flippin cute!

The burp cloths were from a tutorial courtesy of homemadebyjill.

I wasn't alone in the sewing endeavors. I had help from my lovely sister in law, Vicki. She is the motivation and inspiration behind my new sewing escapades. Without her, I would be knee deep in paper and scissors and bored out of my mind. She has helped me to branch out in my crafts. She and my brother bought me the sewing machine for my 30th Birthday. It all started there. So, thank you Vicki!

Back to the project...

I also made a little taggie blanket. Vicki was the mastermind behind the tutorial. She made it up all on her own. Clap Your Hands Say Yea for Vicki!

On to the onesies.... This friend that is pregnant has been a close friend of mine since we were wee little 16 year olds. We attended concerts together, swooned over the lead singers and drummers. We eventually came to be roommates while living our hectic lives in New York City. She was more than a roommate, she was my partner in crime. I love the heck out of that pretty lady! And now she is to become a mother. I couldn't be happy for her! And now, Clap Your Hands Say Yea for Christy!!!!

So, needless to say, she rocks. As does her husband. I might add, I was there when they met. We were standing in line for (can't remember which band, perhaps it was Brand New or Taking Back Sunday?)

I used iron-on letters for the lettering. As for the music notes... I used the lovely tutorial by MADE.

1. Cut out your design with an exacto knife.
2. Iron-on the stencil with the smooth side of the paper down.
3. Use fabric paint and paint over the stencil. Careful not to paint outside of the stencil. Just inside.
4. Let dry for a few hours.
5. Remove the stencil. It's kinda fun to see the stencil revealed underneath.
6. Iron over the stencil. Make sure you put a cloth down between the stencil'd fabric and the iron.
7. Voila!!! You're done.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Thoughts of her

Sometimes (and by sometimes, I mean often, and by often, I mean always) I think about Grandma. There's quite a few songs that make my thoughts run even more ramped than normal. This is one of them.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Put your heart on the shelf, go ahead love yourself....

Just a little melody that soothes my soul.

Honesty. Beauty. Security.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie!!!

This clock is just so precious.

I love what Sevenply from Etsy is doing. She uses recycled skateboards as materials for jewelry and accesories. I love these pocket mirrors.

This adorable zipper pouch from The Dainty Squid

I'm in love with this necklace from Something Monumental on Etsy. Just might be able to convince the Mr. to let me do some online shopping for this puppy.
I need this bangle bracelet from Kate Spade!

These amazing Ray Ban Catty Clubmaster shades. Hubby came home with these for me a few months ago. It made me smile.

This handmade necklace from

This dress is just darling.

I'm in love with these... I want! Handmade from Darlingtonia

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Bestest is Best Coast

New favorite album? Best Coast

And I love this track. Kid Cudi and Bethany from Best Coast.

Kid Cudi, Best Coast, Rostam Batmanglij Collaborate for Converse Track :: Blogs :: Awesome of the Day :: Paste">

They're coming to St. Louis September 14. Please don't let me be an old lady and not attend because I'm "too tired." Please help me to retain my motto and "Live Out Loud!"

Whether you're high or low...

So, things have been a bit crazy lately. In a good way, I promise. I've been focusing pretty much all of my energy on rejuvenating my creative spirit. So far, it has been awakened quite a bit. It snoozes from time to time. I need a better alarm clock.

Andres and I went to to Target and Organized Living yesterday to get new cubicals for my "craft lab." His equipment takes up so much space, he gets the entire spare bedroom. I get the extra space in the living room. And since all my fabric and paper and materials and such are just in giant rubbermaid containers, it's been a bit messy lately. We wore ourselves out yesterday. Starting with an early breakfast with the parents and then off to errand running... we didn't get to putting all the shelves together. Tonight, I will tackle it. That is, if my sciatica shuts the hell up. It was pretty bad yesterday. Poor Andres had to listen to me moan and complain throughout the day.

But overall, it was an awesome day. I love days off with my Mr.

Onto the lovely topic of music. YAY! Jump up and down! And get your tap shoes out. And turn up your speakers on your computer cuz this lady knows what's up...


Janelle Monae. Love love love love her right now. She is just stunning. She's opening for Of Montreal on October 21 at The Pagaent. I will be attending.