Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Perhaps the Last Night with Friends Before.....

Becoming parents...

Our dear friends, The Jordans, have an amazing home in South City. We love spending time over there. This past Sunday we had a "grill night."

The blackberries were sour. Drace caught me mid-bite.

I love my little Jamster.

Laughing it up watching YouTube videos.

Yes, that's me. And yes, that's a cat. And yes, that's me petting a cat! Yes, I normally dislike cats. But not this little Elliott.

No, that's not my wine.

Preparing the Ghost Pepper

Dracey Dip!

Of course we had a great time. We always do! Now the test to see if it really was the last hoo-rah with friends before Buttercup arrives. This anxious and very pregnant mama hopes so.

Keeping busy...

Cleaning out the kitchen pantry, the fridge. Catching up on laundry. Running my fingers across baby Navarro's little clothes folded neatly in her dresser. Resting with my feet up and watching bad tv. Putting together her stroller.

Getting her room in order. This was a few weeks ago.... It's come a long way. It's now completely ready for her.

Making and writing and sending out thank you cards.

Waiting. And Waiting. And more waiting.

Three weeks ago at the doctor, my amniotic fluid was low and the doctor was planning on inducing. But it ended up being fine. Three weeks later and still no baby. A little bit of progress but nothing significant. Last week the doctor said, "We may have a May day." My heart just sunk. But I can't dwell on it. She will be here. We just have to wait.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Glimpse...

Into our Maternity photo shoot. Rob took some absolutely beautiful photographs of Drace and I. Here is just one of the many. He's editing the rest but you can have a taste of what else he has in store for us. He is unbelievably talented. We seriously are surrounded by such talented people.