Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Last Nanny Gig

I've been titled "nanny" for four different families. When I was 22, I fled to New York City to persue "Who knows what." How did I get there? I set up a little profile on a website www.greataupair.com. Within a week my email box was flooded with families all over the world wanting my services. So I narrowed my criteria to strictly New York City. Then just a few days after that, I was hired. Not knowing the family at all. Only seeing pictures and speaking to the mother on the phone a couple times. She booked me a one way flight to New York and only 2 weeks later, I was gone. That's where it all began.

I was with that family for 1 year. They lived in Westchester County, New York. About 45 minutes out of the city. But it wasn't enough for me. I wanted the city life. So, after a year with them, I picked up and moved to Manhattan. Subletted my friends appartment on the Upper West Side and found an amazing gig. A beautiful family in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I was to be caring for baby Elliott, 4 months. I was with him for one year. I was in love with my time spent with him. I did most of my New York siteseeing with him.

Elliott and Me
Then it was time for little Elliott to go to full time day care. My time was up with him and it broke my heart. I had a hard time finding another gig in New York so I decided to move to Florida with my dear friend, Lana. Job hunting in the dirty south was quite tricky. I finally found a job after 2 months caring for baby Sydney, 3 months. She was such a gem. My time was limited with her after her mother decided to stay at home with her. I was only with her for 3 months.

Baby Sydney

I took a break from nannying and went into retail. Mind you, all this time I was doing hair on the side. Sadly, my license expired because I didn't renew it. Dumb old me.

After moving back home to St. Louis and renewing my cosmetology license, I was asked to take care of my twin nieces two days a week. Of course I accepted.

I got to spend time with these little lovlies...
I got to see them develop and grow.

I always told myself after each nanny gig, "The next child I will care for will be my own." Well, that time has now come. My last day with Maggie and Cate was 2 weeks ago. It took some getting used to. I was so sad. I miss them. Luckily they are my nieces. I get to see them whenever I please. : )

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