Monday, June 14, 2010

Going GaGa

Since I'm a slacker at blogging, you aren't aware that I'm a Lady GaGa fan. Yea, this here music snob is a fan of someone mainstream. Whoda think? But I am. I think she's incredible. I know that almost all of her act/music is someone else's mind working. But she's fantastic.

I've seen her pefortm twice now. First was opening for New Kids on the Block. Let's just for a minute digress... New Kids on the Block were my first concert when I was 12. My mom took me and my then best friend, Molly. I thought I was on top of the world. I cried. Joey sang to me. Well, he should've.

Ok, back to GaGa. When we saw her that first time, Just Dance, had just hit the radio. Most of the people (and by people, I mean 30 year old women) in the crowd were like, "who is this freak?" But we loved her.

Second time around seeing GaGa, is a spectacle allll on it's own. She played the Fox Theatre. Tickets sold out in minutes. So, I just figured it would miss the show. Couldn't get tickets on time. So when the day of the show rolled around and Gretchen came in to get her haircut that day, she said, "Let's get scalper tickets for GaGa." I shrugged my shoulders and thought, "Why not?"

Ha, scalpers! I laugh at the thought. We went to the box office around 8 o'clock. She was about to take the stage. They were doing a raffle but we were too late to enter. So we stood around. Gretchen quitely went up to the window and whispered to the little old lady behind the glass, "Are there ANY tickets left?" The lady looked around and leaned foward, "There's two left." We gasped. She shook her head and smiled, "Ladies, this is where the seats are for those tickets." She pointed at a map and basically pointed at the stage. "Third row orchestra pit." It was so nostalgic. Gretchen and I looked to each other and for a second thought about it. "Should we get 'em? Should we do it? They're 100 a piece!" The second guessing went away shortly after that and we snagged 'em.

We ran into the theatre practically screaming. They were playing Michael Jackson. Everyone was going nuts awaiting GaGa to take the stage. I called Andres, "Honey, I have to cancel our date. I got a ticket to Lady GaGa. Third row." His reply, "Hmmm, isn't Kid Cudi opening up for her?" Go figure!

It was an amazing show. They allowed camera's so needless to say, we went GaGa with the camera. She didn't lip synch. She was incredible. The costume changes were beautiful. We ate it all up like it was a continental breakfast buffet.

So yummy!!!!

And now it's a few months later and she's coming back. This time to arena (again.) I didn't buy tickets. Thought I'd chance it like last time. Did my luck run out? Nope! A co-worker of Andres' has an extra ticket. It's a floor seat. And I'm gonna be her date!

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