Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy as a Beeeeee

The Navarro household is crazy busy this week. It is being invaded by fellow Navarro's.

So, yesterday, Anthony arrived. We did lunch in the loop at Ranoush. Had delish falafel.

Today, I work. Anthony and Andres are going to The Arch.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), I work then go see Wicked with mom, then meet up with Gretchen to celebrate her 31st Birthday. I got her a lovely gift.

Wednesday, the third Navarro boy arrives with his girlfriend, Gina. Then the Passion Pit and Tokyo Police Club show. Been waiting for this one for a looooong time. SOOOO excited.

Thursday, we get up at the butt crack of dawn in hopes to get our iPhone 4. Yes, we are that committed and no we are not complete losers. Then I work at the salon. Then Andres dj's at Pin-Up.

Friday, hopefully we will frolick around St. Louis, although I work during the day. Andres can entertain our guests.

Saturday, same as Friday.

Sunday, day off. Anthony leaves

Week following....

Monday, work. Joe and Gina leave.

Tuesday, work.

Wednesday... NEW YORK baby ... until Monday the 5th. (detailed itinerary to come, still unsure what it entails!)

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