Monday, December 7, 2009


The house is on day one of chaos. Well, i suppose it's always been in chaos since we moved in. As most know, the previous tenants were my grandparents. Contrary to what the neighbors say, we're a bit louder. But, nonetheless, the house is undergoing a remodel. We've been here almost 3 years (is it 3 years? time got the best of me) and everything has pretty much remained the same. I suppose I've had quite an attachment to the way it was left. I have memories of being a child here. Part of me, wants it to stay exactly the same.

But I'm an adult now. Knocking on 30's door. I'm married and hoping to try again at starting a family. There's no need to hold on to the way things were here.

I used to bake cookies with grandma in this tiny little kitchen. The holly ones. You know, the ones with the green colored corn flakes and the red hots in the middle. Grandma had that god-awful white tree that we grew to appreciate. And as I moved away from home, I always came to visit them on my visits to St. Louis. Spending hours listening to Grandma talk and Grandpa chime in from time to time. Grandpa would always say to me, "Julie, everytime I see you, you're more and more decorated." What is it with the older generation saying I'm "decorated?" I love it, though. Grandma gave me a pair of her red "spectators." It was a long drawn out conversation of her describing her favorite shoes to me until she finally said, "here, let me show you them. I'll dig them out of the closet and you can have them." They fit like a glove.

Much like this house.

I just hope all this remodeling doesn't make the glove fit any different. It fits just nice. But it could use some alterations.

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