Thursday, March 17, 2011


My dear friend, Marlon, introduced me to this band/song. I can't get enough of it. Today it is 79 degrees and sunny outside. My house is spotless. We (mom, Drace and I) spent the earlier part of the week tending to my nesting anxiety and tore the house apart in a cleansing frenzy. The closet in Buttercup's room is installed and looks AMAZING! And tomorrow her furniture will be delivered.
I will be doing a before and after post of the room once it is ALL done. I hate to spoil it with in between pictures now!

The anxiety has subsided. With the help of my ever so awesome mother, my house is almost completely baby ready. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah for my kick A@# Mom!!!!

I couldn't be happier. Now we wait. We have another baby shower next weekend. I'm working hard to get get as many of my clients in before I leave for maternity leave. Which has been really hard on my body.

So, I'm off to get a pedicure and head into work. Enjoy this lovely song. It will put you in a cheery mood.

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