Tuesday, March 1, 2011

February 29th

The date is March 1 today. It is not February 29. Which means yet another year that I don't get an actual Birthday. I used to really dislike being a Leap Year Baby. Kids in Elementary school would pick on me calling me a baby. But as I grew up, I realized how special it is. Imagine the reaction when you tell someone you're Birthday is February 29th. Some say nothing. Some look at you in silence then say, "Huh?" The ever so famous question of asking, "When do you celebrate it then?

The motivation behind this post isn't just because it is (sort of) my Birthday. It is due to this:

When editing my profile on Blogger, this error message popped up. I suppose I never noticed it before. They won't let me put my real Birthday down. It's as if the date does not exist at all. Yes, I recognize that it only exists every 4 years but that doesn't mean I have to put a fake date down. My mom gave birth to me on February 29th, 1980. Not a day later, not a day sooner.

So, this year, I am 31 YEARS old and 7 3/4 BIRTHDAYS old. And I couldn't be more excited about it. It's gonna be an amazing year... even without the 29th!

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