Monday, August 2, 2010

Whether you're high or low...

So, things have been a bit crazy lately. In a good way, I promise. I've been focusing pretty much all of my energy on rejuvenating my creative spirit. So far, it has been awakened quite a bit. It snoozes from time to time. I need a better alarm clock.

Andres and I went to to Target and Organized Living yesterday to get new cubicals for my "craft lab." His equipment takes up so much space, he gets the entire spare bedroom. I get the extra space in the living room. And since all my fabric and paper and materials and such are just in giant rubbermaid containers, it's been a bit messy lately. We wore ourselves out yesterday. Starting with an early breakfast with the parents and then off to errand running... we didn't get to putting all the shelves together. Tonight, I will tackle it. That is, if my sciatica shuts the hell up. It was pretty bad yesterday. Poor Andres had to listen to me moan and complain throughout the day.

But overall, it was an awesome day. I love days off with my Mr.

Onto the lovely topic of music. YAY! Jump up and down! And get your tap shoes out. And turn up your speakers on your computer cuz this lady knows what's up...


Janelle Monae. Love love love love her right now. She is just stunning. She's opening for Of Montreal on October 21 at The Pagaent. I will be attending.

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