Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Lab

So, Andres has the spare bedroom. He calls it his "Beat Lab." It's where he keeps all his music/dj equipment. Half of it I can barely pronounce what it is. And it's all very heavy. It needs some serious organization. I'll leave it up to him. I hardly every go in that room. Unless, of course, he his dj'ing. Then I dance. See...

This is a reallllly old picture. And will most likely come down once Andres sees it. He doesn't like this picture, seeing as how he is in his undies. I will post a new pic of me dancing to his beats. With his Lab all organized and pretty!

I digress... With his equipment taking up all the room in the spare room, it leaves me with not a whole lot of options on where to put all my "laboratory items.". Our living room and dining room are all connected. So, we split them up by putting my own "Lab" in between.

I'm pretty darn excited about it. Now, I can focus on doing my crafty things and not have to dig crap out of Rubbermaid containers. Handmade gifts for everyone.... here we go!!!!

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